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The New and Improved SAT



In light of the College Board’s recent changes to the SAT, some humorous alternative vocabulary questions:

Directions: Match the italicized slanty word or phrase with its meaning.

1. Mike, like, likes Emily, but not like that. The best meaning of “like” is:

a) you know
b) um
c) similar to
d) derives pleasure from
e) lolz

Photograph by Thomas Barwick.


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Anonymous asked: Booo to those who don't find this fun!! 21 years ago they "were forced together/ never talked outside of the set" and present day its "i heart" and "g woman" flirts. FFS this is something to celebrate! I truly think that this past year in comic cons etc that these two are trying real hard to move out of 'awkward' and into true friendship!


Forget 21 years ago — TWELVE years ago they were filming The Truth! TEN years ago they were barely in contact! SIX years ago Gillian could not (even jokingly/cheesily) compliment him to his face!

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